American Heroes Project

The American Heroes Project is a solely owned program of Hand in Hand Outdoors.


Reduce the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and the subsequent high suicide rates by providing healing outdoor recreational therapy to Utah’s disabled combat veterans and their families utilizing Hand in Hand Outdoor’s fleet of boats, professional captains, volunteer staff and councilors from the VA.


Hand in Hand Outdoors’s American Heroes Project has engaged 100’s of disabled veterans in healing and therapeutic outdoor activities since its inception in 2012. The American heroes Project is devoted to serving disabled veterans exclusively.


To provide meaningful lifelong outdoor activities, help mitigate the effects of Post Traumatic Stress disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury and help reduce the high suicide rates of our military and disabled veteran communities.


Lake fishing, fly fishing and camping.



Disabled veterans have been and will continue to be recruited through our affiliations with; Utah Veterans Centers, VA hospital SLC, SLC veterans Home, SLC Community College Veterans Office, Payson, UT Veterans Home, Utah National Guard, US Army Wounded Warrior Program, DAV, American legion, Wounded Warrior Project as well as military and other veterans organizations.


American Heroes Project’s advisory board is comprised exclusively of veterans, the majority being disabled and includes; therapists and councilors from the Veterans Centers, ANG chaplain, USCG NMC Captain, licensed guides, recreational therapists from the Service to Survivors Program, and other qualified professionals.


Opportunity will be provided for instruction and licensing of physically qualified disabled veterans for USCG 25 ton Master captains licenses through USCG qualified maritime institutes as well as other vocational occupations relating to outdoor recreation activities such as licensed fishing guides and outfitters, sailing certificates and others. Skills derived from activities will provide the disabled veteran participants life time skills to enhance their lives, reduce stress and broaden their sense of belonging.


The American Heroes Project reaches out beyond the states urban I-15 corridor to rural Utah (including the states Native American Indian Reservations) where 1,000 of the states disabled veterans reside. Using towable pontoon boats especially designed and built for disabled individuals with qualified captains and instructors we are able to serve these veterans that are often cannot afford or are unable to travel long distances to the major metropolitan areas.

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