Mission Statement


Hand in Hand Outdoors mission statement is to provide opportunities for our nations veterans as well as underprivileged and disabled children and adults to experience outdoor activities to enhance their lives through education, experience and direct participation in fishing, boating, shooting and camping.



Our nation’s greatest asset is her children. Many, unfortunately, by no fault of their own because of disabilities or simply being disadvantaged will never know the wonder of the outdoor world around them. Hand in Hand Outdoors’ mission is to take these children aboard our vessels, manned by our professional captains and staff to share with them these simple things that bring so much gratification to us: fishing and boating.

To educate them about the environment, their cultures, the meaning of stewardship of the land, the air and the waterways.

To provide both veterans, disabled veterans their families as well as children (both disabled and under-privileged), through cooperative partnerships, the opportunities to participate in outdoor events, such as boating, fishing, hunting, shooting and camping in a safe and emotional gratifying manner to enrich the life’s of those who might otherwise not have this opportunity.


The debt we as a nation and our local communities owe to those who wear our nation’s uniforms can never be paid. Hand in Hand Outdoors’ mission to provide those service men and women with resources to enrich their lives through participation in the outdoors with guided fishing, boating, camping, hunting and shooting sports. This is achievable by using our own staff and fleet of boats and partnering with others that have the same passion to make this worthwhile goal achievable.


To build partnerships with organizations and individuals that share this goal in order to provide maximum accessibility to those we seek to serve through: education, awareness, participation and activities.

Conservation is critical to the goals of Hand in Hand Outdoors. Children are important as future stewards of the land and waterways. Assisting them in understanding these issues allows them to be part of the solution. This can be the foundation of a lifetime of conservation and enjoyment of outdoor activities that can enrich their lives.

Awareness of the conservation challenges that affect all of us is a goal we foster through both education and direct participation in outdoor activities.

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