Is Stress the Enemy?

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Stress is the number one killer worldwide corresponding to heart conditions, cardio vascular, blood pressure and a host of other causes of death. However, “eustress” has long been an example of of what most people call good stress. Kelly McGonigal has something to say about how we view stress. She takes the stance that it is not the stress that kills, it’s the way we view and react to stress that really matters.

We agree, we love sharing this video with people in the “stress discussion.” After all, in our estimation, stress gets way too much bad press. In our opinion, her solutions go down the right road and her observations are spot on. And yet, good solutions have been few and far between for saving lives, and for business losses that total hundreds of billions each year in the US alone.

The popular opinion is that stress is bad, like a runaway train headed toward a sleepy little town. Do we then enjoy the thrill of riding the speeding train to a vacation destination? Do we run from the train? Do we take the impact of the train head on trying to stop it, like a wannabe Superman? There is another alternative: STRESS REDIRECTION.

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